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LOEAHA has implemented a Fine & Ratchet program for the 2005-2006 season that pertains to all coaches in the state of New Mexico.  USA Hockey no longer has a provision for Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches with respect to certification requirements.  All coaches rostered on a particular team shall meet the minimum certification requirements for that age division team. 

All coaches have until 12/31 of each playing season to be properly certified for the playing level that they are rostered to coach.  Beginning January 1st, any coach that is not properly certified and who is caught on the bench during games, or on the ice during practices will be issued an infraction.  An infraction is punishable by the Fine & Ratchet Program. 

Any association who has a coach that is issued an infraction, substantiated by LOE review,  will be required to pay LOE the prescribed fine.  The First infraction will cost the association $100.  Each infraction subsequent the first will cause the fine to double.  The second infraction will cost $200, then $400 and so on. 

Subsequent infractions DO NOT have to be from the same offending coach. 

LAHA takes a very proactive approach to coaching certification.  We ensure that our coaches are certified to coach a specific level at the beginning of the season.  A coach will be suspended from coaching at LAHA if he or she is not properly certified. 

Scoresheet Reminder - This will help keep us out of trouble!

USA Hockey would like to remind coaches about the scoresheet rule that was passed at the 2002 Annual Congress. Beginning on January 1st of the current season, prior to the start of each game, all coaches present from each team are required to sign the designated area of the scoresheet for each game to verify the playing and the coach's CEP level of certification.