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All LAHA volunteers and parents with routine access to the players (ie., goalie parents for younger age divisions) have background screening done to help ensure the safety of the players. 

The screening process is done by a third party organization and is completely confidential. 

Step 1:  Click here to open the Screening Application and Disclosure Form.

Step 2:  Print the Form - The form is two pages but must be printed on the front and back of a single sheet of paper.  Screening forms will be returned if they aren't printed correctly.

Step 3: Clearly and Legibly fill out the form.  All Fields are required.  Sign and Date the form.

Step 4:  Mail the form to LAHA.  The form will be treated "In Confidence" and will be directed to the State Risk Manager. 

Los Alamos Hockey Association
Attn: Screening
P.O. 517
Los Alamos, NM 87544

LOEAHA has a strict 100% compliance policy.  If a coach or manager fails to sign a Screening Application, that coach or manager will no longer be able to serve in those postions.  Coaching Sanctions will result if compliance is not met. 

Deadline to submit the form is November 15th.